Young Coaches Trainings Module- 1 Closing Ceremony

On the 4th June 2013  FERWABA(Federation Rwandaise de Basketball Amateur) has closed the trainings of young coaches which were directed by the expert from FIBA LOUAMBA BALEKETA BLAISE ,in ten days of lecturing,practices and evaluations ;the young coaches have received certificates and messages from FERWABA’s leaders.

Uwanjye  Munyaneza Hyvette one of young coaches on her side she said that the trainings are very important for rwandese coaches and players for it will encrease their knowledge “we need to get the national team players,and international from our  coaching” she encouraged Rwandan women and ladies to like and practice basketball both coaching and playing.

From left Louamba Baleketa Blaise the trainer ,Uwanjye Munyaneza Hyvette receiving  Her certificate  /photo FERWABA

 Nkusi Aime Khalim who is the assistant coach in APR BBC women  said that The recruitment of foreigners coach will not be needed in future as far as these trainings are concerned ; he added that  those trainings were very needed because  the basketball game in Rwanda  has started decreasing comparing to  other sports. In his words he said:”in Rwanda there is big talents but those talents don’t have the best Rwanda coaches  who take care of them from childhood to their maturity these trainings will help us to grow up for our own the Rwandan basketball players as coaches. “

From right Nkusi Aime Khalim receiving his certificate/photo FERWABA

During this ceremony  trainees were told to practice what  their have got  and build the kids in order to have the foundation of basketball in Rwanda from young people.the vice president of   ferwaba Jean Claude Murigo mentioned  :”the trainings and certificates are not enough ,the important thing is to practice what you have learn’t here and we need an annual evaluation from expert LOUAMBA in order to find what to improve in your coaching skills”.

In young coaches tranings closing ceremony also the trainer expert  Louamba Baleketa Blaise  have received an award from the Rwandese Basketball League FERWABA and other gifts from the young coaches.37 young coaches who got certificates have got the module one which contains the category of coaching kids from 8 to 15 years old these trainings started from 26 May  and ended on 4th June 2013.



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